GPS tracking for communities

Posduif is a GPS tracking platform that allows communities to track their members during specific events. Our system allows users to share their location from their smartphone to community organisers. The services can be started & stopped from the client device, thus preventing tracking of users after the event is completed.


Our platform consists of two different applications. These applications are split between clients and managers. The applications have their own roles and features.


The client application is able to transmit phone location data to our servers. During the initial setup a Device ID is generated, this ID can be shared with trusted account managers to allow viewing of your location data.

The service can only be activated/deactivated by the user. Therefore there is no tracking of the user without their consent. The manager cannot start tracking remotely thus ensuring that users are not tracked outside of events.


The managers platform is used to view user transmitted locations. Manager accounts are set up by us, upon request and managers can only see the data from clients that chose to share their Device ID with them.

Client devices should be linked to manager accounts prior to the start of an event. When the event is started the clients can start the app on their phones and their locations will be updated to the server at fixed intervals. When the event is completed the clients can stop the app on their end and tracking will end.


Client Program

The client program is fairly simple and can do nothing more than update location information. The simplicity of the program allows anyone; even those with limited technological knowledge, to be part of the system.

The most complex part of the client program is the setup and it can done in advance by a community representative. Thus, it prevents basic users from being bombarded with features that they don’t use and only cause confusion.

It is also impossible to see any location data on the client program. This ensures that customers cannot see each other’s information, which holds privacy and security benefits.

Manager Platform

The management platform is the heart of the Posduif platform. Here the collected information is displayed and enables the group / account manager to manage its members.


The management platform displays the positions of client devices on an interactive map. The platform can also display contact details (phone / radio call sign) as well as the time since the last update of the client device.

Posduif allows managers to see in-time updates of location data, but sometimes there is a need to check historical data. Patrols and incident investigations sometimes require that the routes that were driven be recorded.

The management platform allows managers to compile reports of historical data. The routes that were driven can be displayed on the map, recorded in a table or downloaded in MS Excel document.

Posduif - your platform for movement monitoring

If you are interested in finding out more about Posduif you can visit our official page. This page includes the costs, setup procedures, example of the platform, as well as, additional information and support.

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